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My inspiration is the landscape that surrounds me, and my aim is to express the feeling and essence of the place and moment - what David Bomberg called 'The Spirit in the Mass'. 

This approach - essentially returning to the grassroots and fundamentals of painting - requires studying the subject minutely. My process involves extensive reference drawings before putting paint to canvas, and then responding intuitively, emotionally and expressively - seeking to find the truth in the landscape or other subject.

I am first and foremost a Londoner - I love the city and find endless inspiration and beauty in all its aspects, both the ordinary and extraordinary. It holds an endless fascination for me.

I am self-taught and work mainly in acrylics in the studio, or watercolour when out and about or travelling - normally involving sailing, my other passion. As a landscape photographer, I am constantly experimenting with new ways of using the medium to challenge the viewer's perception of how the artwork has been created.

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